City Park Visit by Kenyatta University Students


16 months after the reclamation and beautification of a triangular section at the entrance of the park, Kenyatta University’s Conservation Biology class took to City Park to do lend a hand in the maintenance of this space and learn from the bio-diverse riches of the park.

Fig.2. A section of the students hard at work in the triangle

Dr. Najma Dharani, their lecturer and a Friend of City Park, coordinated the visit, maintenance work (weeding, pruning and staking of trees) and thereafter an educational tour of the park. Dr. Dharani was among the team of botanical experts and volunteers that assisted with the beautification in October 2018.

Fig.3. Some more weeding and pruning by the students

The exercise took about two hours of hands-on maintenance work and another two hours touring of the park.

Fig.4. A male Diadem (Hypolimnas misippus) butterfly perched on a Trema tree (Trema orientalis) in the triangle

A big appreciation to the County staff at City park for their cooperation and assistance.


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