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Getting there

From Nairobi City Centre, you can – on Tom Mboya Street – board either a Route 11 matatu (minibus) outside the Odeon Cinema, or a Route 106 matatu leaving from the Nairobi Fire Station. From either, you can then alight on Limuru Road, beside the Aga Khan Hospital, just before the Hawkers’Market.  The entrance to City Park, across the road from the hospital, is clearly signposted.

Entrance sign off Limuru Road

Entrance sign off Limuru Road

From Limuru Road BY CAR and ON FOOT
From Limuru Road drive or walk about 150 m to reach the Park’s administrative offices where a plant nursery is also located. A loop road on the right encircles the offices and leads to the Central lawns.

Parking is available opposite the nurseries and offices and next to the Bowling Green Restaurant further down the main drive.

City Park is a public park and accessible to all. Therefore all caution is recommended. Do not take valuables to the park and don’t go to remote areas alone. If parking next to the Bowling Green Restaurant we recommend leaving your car in the care of one of the guards.

Do not feed the Sykes monkeys

Do not feed the Sykes monkeys!

Do not feed the monkeys!
It is this irresponsible practice that has turned the monkeys of City Park into the nuisance they are today, brazenly raiding picnic baskets, given half a chance, while openly intimidating small children into parting with their sandwiches
and snacks.


There are two sets of public toilets in City Park, and both are in good working order. One set is located behind the City Council of Nairobi
administrative office, where users are charged a nominal fee (of KSh 10) as a contribution towards upkeep and servicing. The other public
toilets are near the Park entrance on Limuru Road.

First-time visitors, or visitors who are unaccompanied, might wish to engage the services of a guide. Knowledgeable guides can be hired on request and for a modest fee, through the office of the Friends of City Park, providing that adequate prior notice is given.

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  1. Pablo Rojo09/03/2015 at 12:18 pm #

    Do you have any maps of the park or of Nature trails? It would be of help for visitors.
    thank you.

    • cngarachu09/03/2015 at 1:03 pm #

      Thank you for your idea Pablo. No we don’t yet have maps for visitor purposes. We’ll let you when available.

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