City Park Monthly Clean Up – World Environment Day 2023 Edition


Our monthly clean-up activity on Saturday June 3rd 2023 coincided with the annual World Environment Day celebrations and adopted the #BeatPlasticPollution theme. 

Waste management at the park has been a challenge and a significant percentage of the litter is plastics. (Sweets and biscuit wrappers, bottles and disposable plastic cups among others). This is evident especially after the bustling weekend activities at the park as well the polluted river choked with plastic bottles and materials.

Approximately 60 members from Friends of City Park, City Park staff and the public participated in the 4-hour clean-up activity, with a notable attendance by a group from CloudFactory. We used gunias instead of the plastic trash bags and encouraged participants to carry their own re-useable gloves to reduce the use of plastics. The litter collected filled approximately 40 bags, which were emptied and stored so they could be reused in the future clean-up activities

Participants in action at the central lawn [Photo|Yuki Ouchi]
Group photo with some of the proud participants and trash collected [Photo|Yuki Ouchi]
Everyone emptied their gunias in readiness for collection. The bags will be re-used in future clean-ups.#BeatPlasticPollution [Photo|Preetika B.]

Join Friends of City Park Association and be a champion for a clean, safe, unique and beautiful park for all to enjoy.

-by Benard Koros

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