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Nairobi Academy Dudu Walk

The children feeding a grasshopper

  15 children from Nairobi Academy Kindergarten, visited City Park on 9th November 2015 for a Dudu Walk. The walk started at 9:30 am and ended at 11:30 am. This was a very informative and exciting walk. With the help of a guide from Nature Kenya Youth Committee, the children were able to spot various […]

Butterflies are migrating around you going through Nairobi

Caper white

The air is dotted with hundreds of tiny bright white and black forms drifting purposefully across the landscape. In the city, one might be forgiven for thinking that someone is carelessly tossing shredded paper into the wind. But for once, litterbugs are not to blame for what’s blowing around Nairobi. These are not pieces of paper drifting aimlessly about, but […]

Forest and Garden Plants of City Park

Bouganvillea with an Albizia tree in the background

The forest and garden plants of City Park are one of the few green spaces in the city of Nairobi that interrupt the expansive ‘concrete jungle’ with serenity and life. They offer the opportunity for plant enthusiasts and naturalists to learn about plants and make botanical explorations.  They clean up the air and bring the needed serenity for […]

Create your own Pollinator Garden in any space–we’ll tell you how.

Bushveldt Orange-tip Butterfly. Photo by P. Usher.

It was time to create a pollinator garden in City Park.  The park consists of botanic gardens, historical landmarks, and an area of indigenous evergreen forest, but most of the gardens are of exotic flowering plants.   A pollinator garden would be important to:  • contribute to the biological well being of the park, • reintroduce […]