Discover City Park plants and other wildlife

students at dudu walk

Students from a nearby school on a insect walk

The biodiversity surveys done with scientists from the National Museums of Kenya have yielded some very exciting discoveries about City Park plants, trees and other wildlife. The flora survey revealed a number of liana species, together with several Kenyan plant endemics of enormous conservation value.

The pilot collection of bees has also proved to be exciting. The Park’s surprisingly diverse range of bees includes at least two species that are potentially undescribed. Indeed, such is the diversity of the insect life, the number of species occurring in the Park that have yet be documented still runs to many thousands.

The amphibians in dry weather are harder to find. Even so, a few previously unrecorded species were located, along with several reptile species.

There are more than 60 different kinds of trees in the park.

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