A Pollinator garden of flowering plants and shrubs

The pollinator garden at City Park is a garden planted with flowering plants and shrubs that provide food and shelter for pollinating insects.

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What is a Pollinator Garden?

Our garden is not a large area, but you will have plants of various heights and having different flower shapes and colours.  This is because there are many different insects and birds and they are attracted or adapted to different flowers. The plants we grow are mostly local and indigenous!

We have, in Nairobi, many wonderful flowering plants from many parts of the world, but they are not the best suited to our local wildlife.  We find our local area plants are the easiest plants to look after as they are the best suited for the soil and weather conditions — and of course if allowed to seed, they will spread with the help of insect pollinators.

Although the garden has some shade, it is in a place that gets a good amount of sun.

Do you want to start your own pollinator garden? Here are a few planting pointers!

  • Try your best to plant weeks (4-6) before you anticipate the rains.
  • Put manure below the root-ball and put plenty of water at the bottom of the plant.  You want the roots to develop as deeply as possible.
  • Keep the top of the soil in your garden covered with leaf debris to help the soil keep moist and not dry up.
  • And remember not to use pesticides!

For more on pollinators go to DiscoverPollinators.org