A Shout-out to Journalists who have written about City park (Part 1)


Our appreciation to Mr. Hussein Akbar for sharing his collection of newspaper cuttings. We are always grateful and open to members of the public sharing information that will be recorded by FoCP to ensure future generations know the story of City Park. 

Fig.1. Mr. Akbar Hussein’s collection of Newspaper cut-outs on City Park

November 12-13, 2016. the-star.co.ke by Chrispinus Wekesa, @ChrispinusW.

Title: County revokes Jacob Juma’s title deed to City Park 5 acres.

Here the then Nairobi Lands executive Christopher Khaemba was quoted saying “All those title deeds, including the one of five acres owned by Jacob Juma, have been revoked. We are focused on preserving the Park.”

September 9, 2016. the-star.co.ke by Julius Otieno, @juliusotieno04.

Title: Fence and protect City Park from grabbers, say lobbyists.

Businessman Manu Chandaria said, greed and the ‘I don’t care attitude’ among Kenyans is threatening the park and other public spaces. “We don’t care about the environment anymore…. We are not looking after our mother nature. This is sad,” he said.

May 2, 2014. THE STAR. by Sam Kiplagat, by Sam Kiplagat @skiplagats.

Title: Grabbers Take More Land At City Park.

“The encroachment entails the clearing of bush in a substantial area, on the North side of the Park, behind the War Veterans Cemetery and adjacent to the Joseph Murumbi Memorial,” Friends of City Park said in a statement.

Fig.2. Foreword in City Park Guide Book, by the then Director-General of National Museums of Kenya, Dr. Idle Farah


Title: NLC investigates land grabbing at City Park.

The commission is mandated to recover land that was improperly allocated. Part of the land targeted includes 14 parcels, which had been surveyed and given plot numbers. The Park was established in 1921 and gazetted as a National Monument with 62 acres in 2009.

City Park has truly had an army of different individuals, working in their own corners, fighting to preserve City Park as it is today. Keep a look out for Part 2.

-by Karimi Kimathi

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