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Shrub, Succulents and flower planting at City Park’s Reclaimed Entrance Section – Wednesday 21st 9am-12noon


Dr. Najma Dharani coordinated the planting once more and Dr. Mark Nicholson (Brackenhurst Botanic Garden, Limuru) brought in 134 rare and indigenous shrubs and did the tree labelling. Vishy Talwar, of the Flowered Earth Ltd & Vice-Chair of the Kenya Horticulture Society donated 30 red or pink Pentas lanceolata while Sheela Shah of the Really Useful Landscape Company […]

Open letter to Nairobi Governor Protesting the use and lease of City Park for other purposes

Area road and fence on City Park land

OPEN LETTER to the Nairobi City County protesting the use and lease of City Park for other purposes Tuesday 17 November 2015 Dr. Evans Kidero Governor Nairobi City County NAIROBI Dear Dr. Kidero, Re: Protesting the use and lease of City Park for other purposes The Friends of City Park protests the allocation or conversion […]

Urgent appeal to County to stop wall in progress on City Park—near Dog Pound off Muranga Road

Stop wall in progress at City Park

The Friends of City Park have written to the Nairobi County, Environment Department asking about the wall being built on a corner of City Park off Muranga Road. Allowing any person(s) to destroy or encroach on parkland by the erecting of fences and structures, and removing trees and other vegetation damages the park and should […]

Forest and Garden Plants of City Park

Bouganvillea with an Albizia tree in the background

The forest and garden plants of City Park are one of the few green spaces in the city of Nairobi that interrupt the expansive ‘concrete jungle’ with serenity and life. They offer the opportunity for plant enthusiasts and naturalists to learn about plants and make botanical explorations.  They clean up the air and bring the needed serenity for […]