YOGA Kenya Free Yoga Sessions at City Park Every Sunday at 3 P.M.

A Beautiful Green Cool Day To do Yoga 2019. [Photo Credit: Yoga Kenya]

Yoga Kenya Instructors at a session in 2018. [Photo Courtesy: Yoga Kenya]

Living and working in an urban setting such as Nairobi can leave one exhausted, considering one is constantly bombarded by the sounds of motor vehicles, loud music playing everywhere and always having to maneuver through crowded places. The importance of valuing the relationship between the urban environment, human health and well-being is being increasingly recognized.

Participants doing a type of Warrior Pose.[Photo Credit: Yoga Kenya]

In July 2018 the Friends of City Park partnered with Yoga Kenya Project through the Nairobi City County Government to facilitate Free Yoga with experienced instructors at City Park.

2018 Students Pose with a Guest Shaolin Master and Yoga Kenya. [Photo Credit: Yoga Kenya]

This activity saw the Park gain a new audience of interested individuals who first came for Yoga but quickly discovered the wonderful treasure that is City Park and vice versa. Regular Park Visitors were excited to partake in a new and interesting activity.

The Different Areas and Environments of City Park Make Yoga Session Experiences Different, 2018. [Yoga Kenya]

A Beautiful Green Cool Day To do Yoga 2019. [Photo Credit: Yoga Kenya]


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