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“On this World Cities Day, we recognize the extraordinary contribution made by grassroots communities in our cities and towns. The value of communities has been brought into sharp focus during the response to COVID-19,” said António Guterres, Secretary General of United Nations. Well it does not get any more Grassroots than; a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon on the last day of October, with Friends of City Park (FoCP) linking up with the Daima Consortium and other Friends to March for Nature.

Press Briefing at the March Starting Point. [Photo: Daima Consortium Tweeter Feed].

At 12 Noon participants congregated under the huge beautiful iconic fig tree adjacent to Waiyaki Way which is a natural shade giving center piece for pedestrians and motorists using Mpaka road and surrounding roads. The Mugumo Tree (Ficus natalensis) stands in the way of the 27.1km expressway project which will run from Mlolongo off Mombasa Road to James Gichuru Road.

KeNHA Tweet on Relocating of the Iconic Fig Tree. [Photo: KeNHA Twitter Feed]

AS UN-Habitat hosted the World Cities Day 2020 at Nakuru, theme being: Valuing our communities and cities. The Daima Consortium led by Dr. Paula Kahumbu, Wildlife Direct CEO, who gave a compelling speech with a call to action for development leaders to honor The Leaders Pledge on Nature. This Pledge was made by President Uhuru Kenyatta at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA).

Dr. Paula Kahumbu (Center) during the Press Briefing.[Photo: Dr. Paula Kahumbu Twitter Feed]

Back to our celebrations; after the press briefing the participants, accompanied by a band, marched down Mpaka Road to Limuru Road and gathered at the Murumbi Peace Memorial at City Park. The music from the band and the chants from the excited participants drew the attention of the public all the way while the banners and placards made the message all too clear.

FoCP Project Officer, Benard Koros addressing the participants at the Murumbi Peace Memorial in City Park [Photo: Daima Green Spaces]

Hailing the march as the beginning of a much needed movement against needless destruction of nature, Benard went on to share on the biodiversity and historical riches of City Park, urging the participants to join the Friends of City Park’s ongoing efforts to protect, conserve and transform the Park as one of the few remaining public green spaces.

Band performing at City Park’s historic Band Stand [Photo Credit: FoCP]

The team moved on to the Band Stand where the band gave a spectacular performance, much to the joy of the people that were picnicking at the central lawn. This was a historical and nostalgic moment as the last time the Band Stand was used for a live band performance was in 1976 by the Starehe Boys Band! It is hoped in the not too distant future, this same band will start the regular Sunday performances that used to take place.

Article By FoCP Team

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  1. Dr Baldip Khan05/11/2020 at 9:07 pm #

    A shout out to all those who sacrificed their Saturday for such a good cause. Magnificent poster, magnificent title which speaks volumes. Great to hear about the bandstand being used again for music.

    • Friends22/12/2020 at 8:58 am #

      The band playing was a wonderful highlight to end the day. We were happy to be apart of it all.

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