Tree Planting and Beautification of Reclaimed Section at City Park Entrance


County staff reclaimed land at the entrance of City Park and invited Friends of City Park to partner with them about what to plant in the area. FoCP consulted experts and the consensus was to create a model indigenous forest of indigenous trees, shrubs, grass with a verge of wildflowers to attract butterflies. Luckily FoCP was able to make use of a Nature Kenya grant and contribute towards materials required. Nairobi County staff based at City Park contributed more than half of the materials as well as several gardeners and fundis. Generous donations of trees and shrubs were received from Dr Mark Nicholson, Ms Lauren Mackenzie and the National Museums of Kenya.

On 11th October 2018, the troops i.e. Dr Najma Dharani, County staff, FoCP members with their own staff, Nature Kenya volunteers and FoCP well-wishers gathered to plant 40 trees, some shrubs & wild flowers and simultaneously put up a chain link fence to protect the vegetation. It was a pleasant surprise to have City Market personnel lend a hand and to hear their point of view – all positive. Charmingly Christian, Muslim & Hindu prayers were said requesting Mother Earth’s permission and blessings while planting. Dr Manu Chandaria kindly supported with funds for refreshments for the troops.

-by Dr. Baldip Khan

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