Pollinator garden gets a jump-start with a Boscowen makeover

At work with spade by cngarachu

On Saturday 29th June Catherine Ngarachu, the Friends of City Park Chair, led in a cleanup and the planting of the pollinator garden, at the enclosure housing the Boscowen Collection.

Nairobi County has kindly allocated part of the enclosure to be used for local flowering plants, which are most attractive to the bees & butterflies. Participating in this inaugural pollinator garden event provided much laughter and a good workout!

The favourite task was the actual planting – with each plant we dug a hole, so that the soil in which the plant was already potted would be level with the ground, removed the potting plastic the flower was in, put it in the hole and mixed some compost with the soil before replacing it around the newly planted pollinator plant.

We all took turns at the various tasks, which included scrubbing walls and washing-down floors and had an immense feeling of well being at the completion of the task. For use of various tools and great quality manure and soil, thanks go to the City Park office.

The pollinator-friendly plants were generously donated by Celia Hardy of Plants Galore and Dino Martins, of the Nature Kenya Insect Committee.

Thank you to all who took part: Alex Mutati, Baldip Khan, Catherine Ngarachu, Denis Nyaga, Esther Wangui, Josphen Kiboi, Korir Alex, Lenard Njau, Martin Njoroge, Mary Ngatia, Peter Muriithi, Seeta Shah, Vincent Otieno

To learn more on pollinators go to discoverpollinators.org

 By Baldip Khan

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