Forest Canopy Edited- Native Forests Day


On Saturday 24th Jan 2018, Rotarians from Nairobi South gathered at Brackenhurst to celebrate the Native Forests Day. Very enthusiastic Rotarians talked about their renewed understanding of what planting a tree is all about. It needs water, it needs protection and it needs 2 years of maintenance. Tree planting is only a part of environmental protection. However, to achieve the overall goal of protecting our living environment, tree planting is only the beginning.

The day focused on how restoring indigenous forests requires different approaches to planting large scale tree lots. Talks were given about native endangered species and how different birds and plants are becoming increasingly rare. Brackenhurst itself is a role model about Restoring Native Forests. Excellent walks with knowledgeable enthusiastic guides were enjoyed by all in an area that was derelict before, and has been lovingly restored over the last 17 years.


                                                                                                                                                                                      Author – Dr. Baldip Khan

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