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A Guide to the Plants of Nairobi City Park

Page 3: The plants of Nairobi City Park.

Book Cover Stunning and well-written, this book offers readers a glowing look into the realm of plants at City Park. The guide builds on an assessment of the park’s plant diversity done by a team of botanists from the National Museums of Kenya in 2009 (and an update in 2018). The book is intended to stimulate […]

Better Security at City Park.

Map of City Park and surrounding Communities. [Source: Kounkuey Design Initiative]

Mr. Fredrick Obwana works with Nairobi City County as the head of Security at City Park. He recalls 2007 as the most challenging year when there were many incidences of mugging. There was a tremendous decrease in crime, however, once the Police Post was placed in the Park in 2015. The OCS, OCPD, and other […]

Friends of City Park the Ultimate Placemakers!

View of Markhamia trees, and lawns at City Park by cngarachu

On 30th November 2016, colorful paintings appeared on Muindi Mbingu Street. This was the start of placemaking week in Nairobi; a week that celebrated and highlighted the need to appreciate the different desires of people who use public spaces. Children Skating on Muindi Mbingu Street [Photo: UnHabitat 2016 Placemaking Report] What is Placemaking? Placemaking is […]