Calls for Application for Project Manager-Stakeholder Engagement


FoCP will host a wide Stakeholder Forum in September 2016. Aim of the forum is to bring together all stakeholders together to discuss rehabilitation and management vision for the park, create a road map for the rehabilitation, use combined power to resolve conflict issues and raise awareness and vibrancy of use of the Park. The Stakeholder Forum will also mark the 20th anniversary of FoCP.

The Stakeholder Forum will be a 1 day forum bringing together Stakeholders from the Government, International Organizations, Local Conservation Group, Users of the Park, Adjoining Uses to the Park, Professional bodies and donors.

The Forum will break out into 6 workshops to discuss strategies for:

  1. 1. Securing the park for future generations
  2. 2. Safety within the Park
  3. 3. Cleanliness of the Park and River that runs within it
  4. 4. Accessibility for all Nairobians to the Park
  5. 5. Preserving and Enhancing the Biodiversity within the Park
  6. 6. Sustainable management of the Park

Project Manager Job Description           

–        Lead the effort to organize the Stakeholder Forum. While Committee members will help, the Project Manager is the key point person and driver to ensure the Stakeholder Forum is a success.

–        Carry out Outreach and Communication to all Stakeholders. While institutional / formal stakeholders are known and need to be engaged, a key part of the Project Manager’s role will be to reach out to the users of the park who are individuals and fragmented (i.e. not organized under any umbrella body), and find ways of ensuring their voice is heard and their use of the park is well understood.

–        Oversee implementation of a user survey of the Park: FoCP wishes to undertake a user survey, particularly to understand who currently uses the park and their constraints.

–        Provide Logistics Support for the Stakeholder Forum and all meetings leading to the Forum

–        Research Information / Create Documents : Draft documents for Stakeholders to review, liaise with design person to ensure they are prepared in a timely manner.

–        Work Monday to Friday 9 – 5 pm minimum, but able to attend meetings in evenings / on weekends when required.

–        Send Out Invitations to Stakeholders: Draft invitations and follow up about attendance.

Key Criteria:

i). Excellent oral communication skills. Able to engage with a wide range of stakeholders, diplomatically discuss conflict issues, bring all Stakeholders to the table. Ability to build trust and relationships with key contact people in various organizations.

ii). Excellent written communication skills: Engage stakeholders through letters, write funding proposals, draft briefs for media. Continuously update committee on progress.

iii. Proactive, Persistent, Pushy – obtain an audience with hard to reach stakeholders through sheer continuous effort and persona.

iv). Extremely organized: obtain and maintain detailed record of all contact with various stakeholders, undertake all logistics.

v). Mobile: able to move around Nairobi to meet with various stakeholders

vi). Not afraid of big challenges, do whatever it takes to get the job done. Take initiative to solve problems as they arise.

vii. Good collaborator with others. You listen to others, speak your mind, ask right questions. Not afraid to get your hands dirty.

viii. Dynamic personality, passionate about the Environment & the Role of Civil Society for change for the greater good in general and City Park in particular.

Applicants should have minimum educational qualification of a Bachelor’s degree and relevant work experience and should send a cover letter (no more than 01 page) showing:

  • Why you would like to work with us
  • Why you think you connect with our work
  • Your unique experience and qualifications that makes you the best candidate

Application deadline: February 22nd, 2016

Interview date: February 25th, 2016

Start date: 1 March 2016

Duration: 6 months fixed contract

Location: Nairobi


KES 45,000/- per month for 6 months fixed contract. Bonus of 1 month salary at end of Stakeholder Forum if well attended (defined as minimum of 200 people attending Forum with representation of all key stakeholders).

Email application to:


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