What a more vibrant and livable Nairobi could mean

Cluster of Jasmine flowers at City Park @cngarachu

Here a few ideas on making a more vibrant and livable Nairobi and the benefits we would enjoy.

What might be components to a more vibrant and livable city? 

• It calls for town planning and moving from ribbon development
• A green environment (trees, trees, and more trees)
• A common purpose that values cleanliness, health and community
• To be able to walk more and use a bicycle safely

Trees Public Domain photo under Creative Commons CC0

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A few ideas on how this might be possible?
• People walking more is made possible in road and space design (includes more pedestrian-only streets)
• Getting a bus service with many buses and better routing (remember the old Kenya Bus Service—even then, though often over crowded they had comfortable seating and were safe to ride)
• Planning for a future that is less dependent on private vehicles (walking, cycling, buses, light rail—with more option the less the congestion and mind-numbing traffic)


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The benefits would be enormous:
• Greater ease in getting around
• A city were single and older people like feel safe and able to get about
• A place where it is cheaper to live
• Healthier people and children who live in less pollution, walk and are less stressed
• A beautiful pleasant city (clean “green city in the sun”)

White Jacaranda at City Park

White Jacaranda at City Park @cngarachu

In contributing to the green space of Nairobi the Friends of City Park work to protect our beloved park—City Park. These are but a few ideas, share your own thoughts and experience!

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