The future of City Park — have your say!

Have your say and give your opinion to such ideas as fencing City Park and keeping it clean

As we work for the land issues to be resolved, we’re also looking to the future of City Park. To do this we’re calling stakeholders (that’s you) to a meeting on 7 September 2016 at the National Museums, to discuss ideas and decide what steps are necessary to achieve a vision for City Park.

We have both a short-term and longer-term vision—here is the Friends 5-year vision:

City Park will be clean, safe, and accessible to all and especially children. It will have cultural, educational and nature activities. It will be conserved in spirit, content and function as a bio-diverse and historic park with secure boundaries.

That is to say we need City Park to be:

Clean & cared for
Safe & crime free
Accessible to all
Valued and Vibrantly used
Secure and protected
Celebrated (and used) for its environmental and historical features and uniqueness

Ah! this ‘dream’ is probably the easy part; now we have to figure out how to get us from where we are today to where we want to be.

We really want your feedback, here on the Friends website or on our Facebook page.

Ready? So here goes: One idea given to make the park more secure is to put a fence around City Park. I want to know if you think fencing City Park  is necessary?

There are two benefits that are often suggested in favour of having a fence:
• it will mark clearly the boundaries of City Park (land protection)
• it will make the park more secure (less crime)
thinking faceWhat do you think? 

PS. The (National Land Commission Hearing) matter of City Park came up on 17 June but was deferred to 8 July.  Please note this new date and plan to join us—we really appreciate your support.

Ready again?

Today’s question is equally one to which I hope you will contribute your thoughts — I want to know what you think could be done to clean the park?

Of course the park needs to do a better job, but I also feel there is a huge question of social responsibility. How can we encourage park users to be more responsible regarding their rubbish?


2 Responses to “The future of City Park — have your say!”

  1. Georg Kiama30/06/2016 at 5:53 pm #

    I think it is right to fence City Park for as you have put it to mark the existing boundary and for security reasons.There was a time i met a strange person at the park.He wanted to hoodwink me to go in the interior of the forest so that he could attack me but i realised his motives.The security at the park is poor.There should police officers to arrest wrongdoers.There are people who dump wastes at the park.So i think a fence would be ideal.

    • friends26/08/2016 at 9:23 am #

      Thanks very much for your thoughts George!

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