Sofia Faruqi’s Sunday Afternoon at City Park


My name is Sofia, and I’m in Nairobi for a month for work. Given how busy the schedule is, it’s hard to get out of town over the weekends, making City Park the perfect place to escape to… right in Nairobi.

It’s great to find this green oasis in Nairobi. The park was full of people – old and young, men and women – when I visited on Sunday. It was fun to see the little monkeys jumping from tree to tree. I saw children rollerblading (I was allowed to take the photo attached) and visited Murumbi’s memorial and Pio Gama Pinto’s grave (that’s me near the Murumbi’s grave).

The real highlight was the free yoga class. The instructor, James, was excellent. We were all arranged in a circle, and it was magical to be doing yoga in the open air with clouds and eagles overhead. No experience needed, some of the participants were under 10 years old! Would love to go back soon and do it again.

                                                      -by Sofia Faruqi

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