Pollinator Garden by Joseph Kimani

The count down was on and with each passing minute the start to 2017’s first City Park nature walk, on Friday 10th February, was getting closer. The anticipation was evident on the faces of Friends of City Park officials and nature guides. We were more than eager to receive class two pupils from Peponi School. In our eyes, these were no ordinary visitors but some of the future generation who were ready to draw nuggets of knowledge about City Park.

The children arrived at 9.30 a.m. and in no time the  Bowling Green parking spot at City Park was a buzz. Eager students, their teachers and a few parents, in organised teams, at exactly 9.45 a.m., began the nature walk, proceeding to different starting points.

During the walk, students had the opportunity to visit various sites in City Park including the Joseph Murumbi Memorial where they had the chance to learn the history of Kenya’s Second Vice President and his love for art work; Pio Gama Pinto’s grave, the fish ponds, pollinator garden, bandstand, and the natural ‘tunnel’.

The children were particularly excited when they spotted the two African Wood Owls, colorful butterflies, playful Sykes’ monkeys, the beautiful forest, the graves, and not to forget the tarzan tree (lianas).

This walk was beyond amazing, and the kids were unbelievably enthusiastic and at the end of the walk commented that they had a fabulous time. They also pointed out pollution in the park particularly along the river as their main concern.

Thank you Peponi School for visiting City Park!

By Moses Kamaliki

Feel free to contact us in case you want to have such planned school visits in City Park.

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