Reimaging City Park – a presentation by the Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Bird's view by AKTC

By Jurgen Vandertas, Deputy Director at the AKTC
At the Seminar Room, Natural Sciences, National Museums of Kenya
on Wednesday 9 January 2013, 12:30 p.m.

Proposed space allocation by AKTC

Proposed space allocation by AKTC

Using a series of slides Jurgen demonstrated the planning and intended outcomes from the improvements they hope to contribute to City Park.  They emphasized the need to revitalize and rehabilitate the City Park to international standards. This project is their largest undertaking to date, but demonstrated also their experience in developing Parks across the globe.

Jurgen said that the efforts of the Friends of City Park were recognized and appreciated, saying that without the involvement of the Friends, there may not have been any City Park to develop!

The AKTC he says see the Friends as an important component in the future success of this project.

Their City Park undertaking is planned to take place in 3 phases over six years:

1. Central spine and parking area/facility
2. Building project and facilities,and
3. Forest and its’ environs

After the presentation, an equally engrossing question and answer session ensued.

A non-profit service company is also under formation and work is expected to commence in April 2013. The AKDN have a 25-year agreement with the government on this project that commenced in November 2012.

In conclusion, they emphasized that the Friends will have an important role in policy making.

By Upin Vasani


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