Peponi Preparatory School year 4 students, get to visit at City Park

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The Peponi Preparatory school year 4 class, chose Friends of City Park as their Charity to raise funds for the year 2014/2105.

Monday May 18 2015, Friends of City Park representatives, Ian Gordon, Vincent Onyango and Seeta Shah came along to meet the Year 4 children and talk about what they do.

Seeta had an interactive discussion where the children learnt the importance of conserving the environment and new terms like “biodiversity, “advocacy” and “predator.” The children were then treated to a passionate talk by Ian, where he showed them the life cycle with live colorful adult butterflies, butterfly pupae close to hatching and one butterfly which had just hatched in the car on the way to Peponi. Vincent placed butterfly pupae of two colors within the nearby shrubs to show how the color of the pupae helps in camouflage in the natural environment.


Here is feedback from students:

It was so much fun learning about the Park and how we can make a difference!

Thank you FoCP for enlightening us and count on our support!

Here is feedback from a year 4 parent:

“My daughter came home last night talking about the talk, by Friends of City Park, and so thank you so much for organizing it. She really enjoyed it and did not stop taking about it.

I think also it is quite important that kids at a young age, do not see suffering and poverty all the time, and something so different is so refreshing.

I am looking forward to visiting and I am planning on going for a walk on the first Saturday of the Month so I can learn some more.

Well done! All the best”

Thank you Peponi school for visiting City Park, come again!

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