Developing a Comprehensive Plan for Restoration of City Park


Following the handover of City Park to Kenya Forest Service from the Nairobi City County Government, a task-force comprising of representatives from KFS, NEMA, NMK, KEFRI, NMS, NCCG and Friends of City Park was constituted to develop a restoration plan for the Park. Ms Charity Munyasya, KFS’ Deputy Chief Conservator of Forests, chairs the Committee. FoCP was requested to guide the task-force in merging the proposed rehabilitation activities into a comprehensive plan.

Fig. Participants during the workshop at City Park on 29th June 2020 [Photo: FoCP]

Years of stakeholder engagement and strategic partnerships has seen the Friends develop several background documents, management frameworks and plans based in an effort to encourage inclusive and holistic conservation, key among these being a Strategic Framework and Action Plan for the Rehabilitation of City Park (2017) and a Concept Master-plan (2018). These documents have proved useful to the task-force’s discussions and development of remedial activities and budgets.

Fig.2. Participants at a previous Wide Stakeholder Forum in 2016 [Photo: FoCP]

The workshop, held on 29th June 2020, deliberated on proposed rehabilitation activities, timelines and budgets and was aimed at helping the task-force develop a comprehensive plan that can form the basis of a Master-plan for the long-term rehabilitation of the Park.

Fig.3. Participants during the workshop on 29th June 2020 [Photo:KFS]

Ms Njeri Cerere, co-founder of Naipolitans and a Friends of City Park Board member, led the workshop. The members present were divided into three groups focused on different thematic areas related to the restoration of City Park.

-by Karimi Kimathi & Benard Koros

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  1. Steven30/07/2020 at 11:45 am #

    Great news. I hope this latest round of plan-making can deliver the results you want on the ground.

    • Friends22/12/2020 at 9:19 am #

      Thank you for reading and your feedback.

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