City Park’s Nurseries

An old notice at one of the City Park Nurseries

Importance of Nairobi’s Urban Green

Research shows that level of particulate matter (PM) in Nairobi’s atmosphere is 70% higher than World Health Organization (WHO) recomended levels. Urban greening assist in improving cities microclimates and the aesthetics value. Uran green absorbs toxins, consuming carbon dioxide and generating oxygen.

Where to buy a plant, in Nairobi?

Most people who want to purchase living plants in Nairobi visit the roadside nurseries; these provide an assortment of mostly exotic trees, shrubs, and flowers. Although roadside nurseries are accessible, they can be uncomfortable for most; considering the high traffic of people and vehicles using the road.

Standing Ground 1, Nursery at City Park [FoCP]

City Park offers residents a secure place to explore different plants for sale; they have specialized in growing of indoor plants and indigenous trees. Located 4km away from the City Center of Nairobi, there is ample parking and the large space accommodates more than one nursery. The nurseries are open to everyone during weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Sale Yard at City Park [FoCP]

The different Nurseries at City Park:

City Park was an ideal teaching site for ecology and taxonomy studies by students from universities up to the late 1980s. The first nursery was set up to propagate endemic and endangered species. The nursery supplied other parks and public spaces in Nairobi with seedlings of flowering trees and shrubs. The Park is now home to five nurseries located at different areas, these are:

  1. Sale yard
  2. Boscowen
  3. Standing ground 1
  4. Standing ground 2
  5. Green nursery, the oldest nursery at City Park.

Risk of losing the City Park Nurseries

There is a risk of losing the nurseries, due to a lack of resources needed to pay for adequate staff and training of the staff. The financial gains that come from operating plant nurseries present an opportunity for the many unemployed youth in Nairobi. FoCP and collaborating experts have established a Tree Management Plan. This plan offers a summarized comprehensive explanation of requirements needed to have working and financially sustainable nurseries.

Green Nursery at City Park [FoCP]

Why do the Nurseries Matter?

The nurseries are critical for preserving the existing biodiversity especially that of the indigenous trees, endemic and threatened species. To maximize the chances of success, the Tree Management Plan suggests propagating cuttings and seeds collected from the City Park Forest at the existing nurseries in City Park.

Friends of City Park offers members a platform that brings them closer to the managers of the nurseries and the park in general. We work towards collaborating with different stakeholders to create sustainable projects that will enable City Park to continue flourishing.

Question: Where do you regularly buy your plants? Please share with us in the comment section below.

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