About the Friends of City Park

City Park has 60 hectares of evergreen forest, gardens, historical landmarks and wildlife in the heart of Nairobi, but it’s more recent history has been one of neglect, insecurity and the threat of private development.


Friends of City Park was formed in 1996 and consists of a group of dedicated volunteers and individuals from various professions, living around the city. Our dream is that every Nairobi resident has access to green space and we are here to ensure that City Park exists for future generations. We aim to bring new life to the park through promoting community use, education, research, conservation and serving as a watchdog over City Park.

The park was established in 1932 and of the original 226 acres only 60 hectares (about 140 acres) have been saved. This area was listed as a protected area under the National Museums and Heritage Act in 2009. Listing of the maze and football field area is still pending. This was the culmination of years of our getting media and public pressure to prevent the loss of land, engagement with park managers, government officials and support from the wider supporter network.

Our activities have since been about encouraging greater interaction and use of the park: a monthly nature walk, tree planting, clean-ups and a monthly email newsletter have enabled members, schools and businesses to engage with City Park.

We operate as a project of Nature Kenya, a membership-based conservation non-profit.NatureKenyalogo15k

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