A Guide to the Plants of Nairobi City Park

Page 3: The plants of Nairobi City Park.
Book Cover

Stunning and well-written, this book offers readers a glowing look into the realm of plants at City Park. The guide builds on an assessment of the park’s plant diversity done by a team of botanists from the National Museums of Kenya in 2009 (and an update in 2018). The book is intended to stimulate readers’ interest in the park’s diverse plant species and features 558 species of plants, 81 of which are illustrated in colour photographs.

The images within the book are of a very high quality and give the reader an easy time identifying plants at the City Park.

This guidebook is a critical tool that reveals the bio-diverse riches of City Park and strengthens the message of conserving the biodiversity of green spaces in Nairobi.

Authored by Dr. Geoffrey Mwachala, Dr. Itambo Malombe, Dr. Paul M. Kirika, and Ms. Judith Nyamai, all professional botanists serving at the East African Herbarium, National Museums of Kenya. The books are available in hard copy at Nature Kenya’s Bookshop at only KES650 per copy.

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