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A Shout-out to Journalists who have written about City park (Part 1)


Our appreciation to Mr. Hussein Akbar for sharing his collection of newspaper cuttings. We are always grateful and open to members of the public sharing information that will be recorded by FoCP to ensure future generations know the story of City Park.  Fig.1. Mr. Akbar Hussein’s collection of Newspaper cut-outs on City Park November 12-13, […]

What the Youth Can Learn from young Peter Greensmith

White Jacaranda_2019.11.11

This article is based on an interview of Peter Greensmith by Bradley Martin in 1987, from Kenya Past and Present, 1994. Peter Greensmith is responsible for the beautiful landscape of City Park, including the carefully selected ornamental plants and unique features, having been the Nairobi Parks Superintendent between 1947-1965. Without the likes of Mr. Greensmith, […]

Developing a Comprehensive Plan for Restoration of City Park


Following the handover of City Park to Kenya Forest Service from the Nairobi City County Government, a task-force comprising of representatives from KFS, NEMA, NMK, KEFRI, NMS, NCCG and Friends of City Park was constituted to develop a restoration plan for the Park. Ms Charity Munyasya, KFS’ Deputy Chief Conservator of Forests, chairs the Committee. […]