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Urgent appeal to County to stop wall in progress on City Park—near Dog Pound off Muranga Road

Stop wall in progress at City Park

The Friends of City Park have written to the Nairobi County, Environment Department asking about the wall being built on a corner of City Park off Muranga Road. Allowing any person(s) to destroy or encroach on parkland by the erecting of fences and structures, and removing trees and other vegetation damages the park and should […]

Butterflies are migrating around you going through Nairobi

Caper white

The air is dotted with hundreds of tiny bright white and black forms drifting purposefully across the landscape. In the city, one might be forgiven for thinking that someone is carelessly tossing shredded paper into the wind. But for once, litterbugs are not to blame for what’s blowing around Nairobi. These are not pieces of paper drifting aimlessly about, but […]